• Saakashvili’s pursuit of political importance

    The odd Saakashvili’s show, we are currently observing, should not be considered as a serious political struggle. In Ukraine, most probably his fight will be over soon. In Georgia, few believe that he is capable of returning to power.

  • Moscow’s dubious peacekeeping proposal

    A legitimate peacekeeping force with a proper mandate could make significant improvements to the stability of the conflict. However, by accepting Russia's proposal as it stands, Ukraine could be bargaining away concessions for very little advances in finding a peaceful settlement.

  • Bulgarian banker undermines the spirit of the Magnitsky Act

    Tzvetan Vassilev – a Bulgarian businessman who has been indicted for driving a respected bank into default by using it to run a pyramid scheme – is invoking the Magnitsky Act to protect himself from prosecution.

  • Ten things you need to know about Russian military exercises

    The official phase of “Zapad-2017”, the biggest Russian-Belarusian military exercise this year, has just begun. What has changed since the previous “Zapad” exercise which took place in 2013? And what is to watch during “Zapad-2017”?

  • Polish encounters

    "Zbigniew Brzezinski's death this year is a huge loss to me and my wife. He was America's greatest strategic thinker and had a significant impact on my professional life, as did many other Poles and Polish-Americans throughout the last 40 years or so." 

  • The unexpected turn of #SaakashviliSunday

    Mikheil Saakashvili chose Sunday September 10th for his great return to Ukraine after being stripped of citizenship. Already in the early morning hours, however, it appeared that nothing was going as planned and few actually believed that Saakashvili would make it across the border.

  • Hybrid war: The real casualties in Ukraine

    The continuing tragedy of war in Ukraine is deepened by the persistent denial of a proper name to the conflict. The Kremlin claims Russia is not involved, while Kyiv sanitises the reality on the ground by dubbing this war the Anti-Terrorist Operation. 

  • The Sun Sets in the East

    The Suns Sets in the East is an avant-garde documentary film contrasting present-day Lithuania with extracts from a peasant's diary from 1984/85. Help young filmmakers fund it!

  • The curious case of Mikheil Saakashvili

    When it was declared that Ukraine’s president decided to strip Mikheil Saakashvili of his Ukrainian citizenship, political commentators agreed that this was one of Poroshenko’s most irrational decisions since assuming office. 

  • Beyond Homo Sovieticus

    In Donbas, Soviet identity rapidly evolved from being a faint regional identity into becoming a weapon of mass deconstruction – of the Ukrainian national project, and of the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in the region.

  • Corruption in Romania: Trends and prospects

    In this episode In between Europe discuss corruption trends and the trajectory of the anticorruption fight in Romania with Laura Stefan, an anti-corruption expert from the Romanian think tank Expert Forum.

  • The monumental significance of heritage

    Ivan Meštrović was a Croatian master of sculpting, patriot and visionary. From June 25th to November 5th 2017, Międzynarodowe Centrum Kultury in Kraków hosts an exibition titled “Adriatic Epopee” devoted to the artist.

  • The power of digital crowd

    Interview with Christiaan Triebert - an analyst at Bellingcat investigative network. 

  • Where the heart of Central Europe beats

    The diversity of Spis is a symbol of Central Europe. History and present have a huge importance in the region, and coexist with conservatism and cosmopolitism, isolation and openness. 

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