• A Weak Response Produces Bigger Risks

    Leszek Balcerowicz: In Ukraine, the military threat should not become an excuse for the lack of reforms. The result of such an approach would be a weaker economy and a weaker defence. 

  • Rethinking Privatisation of Energy Assets in Ukraine

    Ukraine’s record of privatising energy assets has become infamous over the last couple of years. Under the rule of the previous government, few Ukrainian energy companies were privatised in a manner that manifestly violated the law.

  • DOUBLETAKE: Is Ukraine a Failed State?

    The crisis and strife in Ukraine has once again brought failed state semantics and experts to the centre of the debate.

  • Is Russia Really a Global Military Power?

    Following the demise of the Soviet Union, Russia experienced a serious decline in the operational reach of its armed forces, reducing the former global superpower into a local player.

  • Russian Muslims Face Challenges of Demography and Migration

    A low birth rate, high mortality and a large number of abortions has generated a phenomenon known in demographic literature as "the Russian cross" ‒ that is, large-scale depopulation.

  • The North-South Divide Emerges in Eastern Europe

    Eastern Europe is one of the most active and complex geopolitical areas in the world. The regional and global ramifications of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine provide the most recent validation of this observation.

  • Ukraine’s Reforms: Running in circles

    The successful Polish experience in managing institutions of local governance has been studied by the members of the Constitutional Commission convened by the Petro Poroshenko. Unfortunately, some of its fundamental instances have been ignored.

  • Poland: Immigration or Stagnation

    Poland's population is currently 38.5 million, 50,000 less than two years ago. Alarming predictions for 2050 put the figure as low as 33 million. By then, one-third of Poles will be over 65 and the county's median age will rise from 38 today to 52.

  • Georgia’s International National Crises

    Half of the 200 million dollars sent from Greece to Georgia annually before the crisis will not reach Georgia this year. Some in Georgia fear that this will mean a mass return of migrants to areas of Georgia where there is no work for them.

  • Do We Need an MH17 Tribunal?

    A quality investigation of the MH17 catastrophe seen as an element of a bigger puzzle – the war in eastern Ukraine – will become an important step in pointing to the ones responsible for the deaths of thousands of usually anonymous victims of the conflict.

  • Internal Displacement in Ukraine: A test for civil society

    According to estimates, since the annexation of Crimea by Russia in March 2014, at least 1.3 million of people have left their homes due to the war or politically motivated persecution to look for a safe haven in other parts of Ukraine.

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