• Panama Papers and the implications for Central and Eastern Europe

    Central and Eastern European elite are among the hundreds of wealthy and powerful implicated in the Panama Papers leak.

  • Is it crazy to see Albania’s EU relationship as a model for post-Brexit Britain?

    Michael Gove, Brexit campaign leader, proclaimed that after leaving the EU. the UK could trade with the single market like the three impoverished countries of “Bosnia, Serbia and Albania.” 

  • Gazprom’s monopoly comes to an end

    The rise of the United States as a global energy exporter cannot be good news for the Kremlin - creating a challenge for Gazprom's near monopoly on gas in Europe.

  • Warsaw pivots to the Black Sea

    Over the past year, several events have shown that new links may be starting to form between Sofia and Warsaw, a possible break with the traditional regional paradigm.

  • Is Russia on the eve of a new perestroika?

    It is clear that the Kremlin wants to convince the West it is on the eve of a new perestroika. This is probably because of shrinking reserves and general underinvestment that may lead to the economy’s implosion caused by its structural problems. 

  • Instilling the Solemnity of Chernobyl

    Just a few metres from the central Kontraktova Ploshcha metro station and close to the River Dnieper in the old district of Podil stands the Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum in Kyiv. The museum looks old but it is able to instil the solemnity of the tragedy.

  • A debate on the future of Europe

    In light of the refugee crisis, risk of a British exit from the Europe Union, Russian aggression in Ukraine, the threat of terrorism and the war in Syria, all of which are connected, it is clear that the old continent is at a historic moment of extreme uncertainty.

  • The lost tribes of Azerbaijan

    In Azerbaijan everyone is a distant successor to some lost world, whose pale image he is tasked to preserve. The whole country resembles a museum where each piece is there to represent a forgotten country of its own.

  • Parliamentary or bust

    Whatever the intentions, Ukraine’s muddled semi-presidential system is unlikely to deliver reform.

  • Seeking the truth in Nemtsov’s assassination

    The official investigation into the death of Boris Nemtsov has concluded that it was an assassination, however all attempts are being made to bury any links to Ramzan Kadyrov and the Kremlin. 

  • From worse to unbearable for the Crimean Tatars

    An interview with Ayla Bakkalli, the Representative for the Crimean Tatar Mejlis in the United States. 

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