• Do Not Forget about the Dreams

    On November 21st 2014 on Kyiv’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) people will meet once again. This time, however, they will not organise another protest against the government.

  • Belarus: Struggling with the Same Old Problems

    Warming relations with the West is becoming pivotal for the Belarusian authorities because they still count on economic aid and international investments. This would help to stabilise the economic situation almost a year before the election and lower dependence from Russia.

  • What Europe?

    A review of Is The EU Doomed? By: Jan Zielonka. Publisher: Polity Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2014.

  • Five Questions about the Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine

    Were these elections to the Verkhovna Rada fair and democratic? In principle, yes. Especially when compared with the previous elections but some pathologies could still be observed, yet on a significantly smaller scale.

  • The End of the Georgian Dream?

    The current governmental crisis in Georgia seems to be rather more an effect of internal politics and arguments within the coalition than anything else. It is definitely too early to claim that the pro-European course of Georgia is under threat.

  • An Unfinished Reunification

    An interview with Wolfgang Templin, German essayist, leader of the democratic opposition in East Germany, on the fall of the Berlin Wall and the fall of communism in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • A Balkan False Start

    After the recent football match between Serbia and Albania, the Balkans bubbled up once again. In Vojvodina, a number of bakeries and cake shops owned by Albanians was destroyed within the first week after the match. In Montenegro, there were attempts to devastate mosques.

  • Winter Package: EU’s success, Ukraine’s surrender

    The European Commission, Ukraine and Russia agreed last week to resume Russian natural gas supplies to Ukraine until March 2015. The European Commission called it a “breakthrough” event. However, it is just an interim solution.

  • Poland on the Frontlines of the Ukraine Crisis

    Poland is one of the countries most affected by changes in the regional security environment resulting from the Ukrainian crisis. The growing instability in Ukraine and increasingly negative dynamics of relations with Russia pose several significant challenges for Warsaw.

  • New Issue: Ukraine: One year after the EuroMaidan

    The November-December 2014 issue of New Eastern Europe is dedicated to the one year anniversary of the start of the EuroMaidan Revolution in Ukraine. It opens up with an interview with Mustafa Dzhemilev, leader of Crimean Tatars.

  • Russia’s Dependence on the West

    Foreign investments, as the best tool to integrate the world’s economies, are more and more often bypassing Russia. According to the Central Bank of Russia, the country is going to lose 90 billion US dollars of foreign investments as a result of the war.

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