• Reset with Belarus. What’s next?

    It is impossible to imagine that Russia will allow rapprochement between Belarus and the West to happen behind its back. If a reset with Belarus takes place, it is very unlikely that it would happen without the blessing from the Kremlin.

  • To Survive and Win

    An Interview with Yevhen Magda, Ukrainian political analyst and author of Hybrid Warfare: Survive and Win.

  • Putin in Syria: Neither an anti-ISIS Crusader nor a Christian Prophet

    Far from being the “anti-ISIS crusade” as it is currently branded in the Russian media, the Russian operation in Syria has a much less ideological and much more pragmatic agenda.

  • A Moldovan Impasse

    The dynamic developments of the anti-government but pro-European movement have been lasting since April 2015. It put the “old”, pro-Russian opposition to the government in a very uncomfortable situation. Photo: Dovilė Šukytė

  • Same Old Song and Dance?

    Lukashenka’s goal is clear and includes not only a victory in this year’s election but also recognition of its legitimacy from EU states, which would significantly increase Belarus’s chances in receiving economic assistance from western countries.

  • Ukraine's Corruption Trap

    After the revolution of dignity in the EuroMaidan, it became clear even to the oligarchs that the times of their unchecked rule in Ukraine had come to an end. But the practices of the next year and a half proved that it was easier to change people than principles.

  • Syrian Gambits Will Not Erase Putin’s Ukraine Problem

    Putin will eventually have to clear up the situation along Russia’s own border with the separatist entities, which has turned into a flourishing centre for contraband. For now, managing Russian domestic opinion may seem easy.

  • A Peace-Damaged Country

    "How powerful is the anti-NATO force on Sweden’s political scene? It is extremely powerful." A conversation with Anke Schmidt-Felzmann, analyst at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

  • Moldova’s Schizophrenia

    Oleg Serebrian, Moldovan political analyst and diplomat: "The EU is generally very active when it comes to support for Moldova. Unfortunately, as a result of the migration crisis, it forgot about us and about Eastern Europe. This is how we see it in my country."

  • Cold War Split in Europe over Refugee Crisis

    One of the outcomes of the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe is that Central Europe has been more frequently labeled as Eastern Europe in the public debate. Amid emotions, the voice of Central Europe is being ignored once again.

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