• Ukraine has a chance for peace

    A year after signing the Minsk II agreement, the prospect of the end of war and reintegration is on the horizon. If nothing changes this process can start this year.

  • "Inside the War Room" is not a good programme, and not a good reflection of reality in Latgale, although it is guilty more of sins of omission than of factual errors – although there certainly are those as well.

  • Why a NATO presence is so important for Poland

    A permanent NATO presence in Poland would finally end that period of transition and officially confirm that Poland is a part of the West, same as France or Germany.

  • The not-so-frozen conflicts on Russia’s borders

    Russia or no Russia, a deal will always be hard to strike between the Georgians and the Abkhazians or Ossetians, or between Armenians and Azerbaijanis.

  • Ancient hatreds made me do it?

    As humanitarian catastrophes and international security dilemmas engulf Syria, distant observers are eager to explain away the horrors through the ethnic and religious animosities that exist between domestic groups.

  • Kaliningrad: Russia’s island in Europe

    It is frequently forgotten that the Soviets conducted in Kaliningrad one of their greatest social experiments. Formerly German soil, it became a huge laboratory where a new type of “genuinely Soviet” individual was created.

  • Tajikistan: An ever-more fragile state in a brittle region

    While Central Asian governments may overstate the Islamic extremist threat in order to retain influence, gain financial advantage and justify internal repression, there remains a risk.

  • Political risk insurance for FDI in Ukraine

    Despite its name, EuroMaidan (literally: “European Square”) was an event driven predominantly – though not exclusively – by Ukraine’s internal affairs and national history.

  • Nobody wanted to listen to the victims

    Małgorzata Gosiewska: Nobody was interested in the fate of the war crime victims in eastern Ukraine. Nobody cared what they had to tell. What’s more, nobody showed any interest in those who committed these crimes.

  • Albania: The need for a fiscal and monetary stimuli strategy

    Albania’s economy remains Europe’s poorest with the lowest GDP per capita at around one-third of the EU28 average. Isn’t this a crisis in intself?

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